We trust that you all had a great break and arrived back home safely. As you all know 2020 was a terrible year due the Covid-19 pandemic, but towards the latter part of 2020 we became hopeful that things would turn for the best (we even managed to pull off the Hankook Land Cruiser Festival at Sondela Nature Reserve & Spa near Bela Bela at the end of Nov 2020, with great success), but unfortunately the so called ‘2nd wave’ of Covid-19 hit the country by storm during the latter part of December 2020. As we speak 2021 did not start off well at all, with the President announcing last night on national media that no events will take place until further notice. Unfortunately, the direct impact of this is that we have to POSTPONE (not cancel) the abovementioned event to a later date. As you can understand it is by no means a ‘non-performance’ from our side as Trio Events and we have to adhere to the Covid-19 regulations. We also accept that it is important to save lives, but at the same time the economy has to continue in a responsible way. We are aware of the inconvenience caused by this for which we apologise profusely, but I am sure you have all been following the media reports and that this does not come to you as a complete surprise at all, yet it is not what anyone of us would have liked to hear.

As mentioned we are NOT CANCELLING the event but merely POSTPONING it to a later date in 2021. We are in talks with various parties to determine the new date and this will be communicated to you asap. All existing contracts will be honoured and transferred to the new date and NO ONE will lose anything!

Please stay safe and adhere to the Covid-19 regulations for your own safety as well as the safety of others around you! Together we will get through this situation as long as we do not become reckless!

Many thanks for understanding and please feel free to communicate with me directly should there be any questions by contacting me via e mail – marius@ekspo.co.za.

Kind regards until we speak again soon.